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Jeremiah 23:29

"Behold, My word is like fire-declares the Lord-and like a hammer that shatters rock!  The New

The festival of  Shavuot (Pentecost) is the anniversary of the day God spoke from the heavens to the children of Israel, giving them the Torah (they listened and accepted). Please read Exodus 19:18 (and make note that there were strangers amongst them).

Acts chapter 2 exhibits a "pattern" of God speaking to the children of Israel (and probably strangers amongst them) as they gathered together to celebrate Shavuot. Again, they experienced the fiery words of God, now in the form of tongues that rested upon them and receiving the Holy Spirit of God and power.

At Mt. Sinai and in the Upper Room in Acts 2, the word went forth in various languages speaking to all mankind. The School of Rabbi Yishumael taught that the verse "and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces," (Jeremiah 23:29) means that just as a  hammer is divided into many sparks, so too every single word that went forth from the Holy One, blessed be He, {at Sinai} split up into {all} languages." (Talmud, b.Shabbat 88b)

God's Holy Torah and His Holy Spirit, in relationship at all of time.