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"Raising the Standard of the Commissioned"


With Love

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YHVH Eohim Yah Adonai Father G-d Wisdom
HaShem I AM  Halleluyah  El Shaddai Abba
In the beginning- Love Spirit Earth Light Wisdom
Set Times Plants Creatures Sabbath Relationship
Separation/Sin Forgiveness Sacrifice Repentance
Life/The Blood Reconciliation Redemption Miracles 
Cloud/Fire Torah Covenant Offerings Separation/Sin 
 Tithe Restoration New Birth New Beginnings Worship
Teachings/Learning Love Remembering  Blessings
Curses  Healing/Repair Separation/Sin Repentance Reconciliation Love Forgiveness Deliverance
Rest Obedience Prophecy Truth Waiting Love Redemption Celebration Love Feasts Miracles Shadows of the SON Kings/Rulers Obedience Hearing Listening Restoring Sacrifices Life/Death
Moving Assignments Obey Turn Glory Restoration Humiliation Conquer Sever Devotion Sabbath Character Righteousness Holiness Glory Promise Kingdom Servants Children Redemption Honor
Remembrance Temple Mercy Victory Listening Hearing Standing Baptisms Rituals Obedience Rest
Change Heaven War/Battles Star Shofar Glory Birth
Hear Hidden Shelter Dedication Love GodwithUS
WordwithUs Reconciliation Time Gathering Lost
Teaching/Torah Discipleship Love Doing  Listen
Follow Miracles Magnify Examples Bless Pray
Shield Cover Protect InHim/WithHim  Love Rest
Keeper Comforter Spirit Demonstration Send Go
Silence Dreams Visions  Prayer  Devotion Living
Bread Righteousness Beloved Friend Coins Kiss
Give Restore Healing Deliverance Speak Faith Him
Grace Mercy Wash Knowing Revealing Peace Son
Identify Name Justified Listening Hearing Watch
See Separate Trial Bruise Wound SheddingofBlood
The Cross Separation/YourSinOnHim Sacrifice
Death Burial Descend Keys/Death Resurrection
NewCreation Endurance New Jerusalem
The Word Written On Our Hearts

Yeshua Jesus Our Messiah