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God's Way To Prosper

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The word of God speaks:

"Give and it will be given to you; theyc  will return to your lap a beautiful measure pressed, crammed full, and overflowing. For with the measure that you use to measure, it will be measured to you." Lukas 6:38 The Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels

c) I.e. "God" ( In Hebrew, the third-person plural without a precedent is an indirect way to speak of God or the heavenly court)

lap - cheik,  your possession

The money that you have in hand will be fruitful for you and others when your give. Even if you feel you don't have "it" to give, still give it! (when it's not enough it's probably your seed)

This isn't a message to get money from you, but into the hands of a charity, a school, a ministry, a church, a Temple, an organization that services the poor and the needy. As a result it shall be given to you...

Maybe you have enough money, then give the more and trust that God will move in another area of need in your life, family, friends, perhaps a co-worker and their family. God is faithful to do exceeding and abundantly more than we can ask! We're all in need of something.

In Judaism, giving Tzedakah (tsed-dah-Kah) is a duty that is not to be forsaken even by those who are themselves in need. (there is so much more to be said about this act of righteousness) Remember what the Master said about the widow with the two coins in Luke 21:1-4 and in Mark 12:41-44?

Markos 12:41-44

Yeshua  sat facing the treasury box. He was watching the people placing ma'ot into the treasury box, and many rich people gave much. A poor widow came and gave two prutot, a quarter of an issar. He called to his disciples and said to them,

Amen, I say to you that this poor widow has given more than all those giving to
the treasury box. For all of them gave of their surplus, but she, out of her lack,
has given all that she had-her entire living!                                                        

Lukas 21:1-4

Yeshua looked and saw the rich putting their donations in the treasury box. He also saw a poor widow placing two prutot in it. He said,

It is true, I tell you, that this poor widow has given more than all the rest. For all the
others brought donations to God from their surplus, but she out of her lack has given
all that she had to live on.                                                                                           

issar (ee-SAHR) - a large cooper coin

ma'ot ( mah-OHT)  -  small silver coins

prutot (proo-TOTH) - small cooper coins; a very small amount of money

disciple - talmid , talmidim - A student of a rav who is committed to learning his teaching through an intense form of apprenticeship.( rav -  "Great one." Master (as of servants); teacher of mentor.

Just a final note, during this season of celebration, please don't cut back on your tithe and offering to your church, ministry, or to your monthly charitable organization. They start to really feel the "pinch" you used to buy that extra "thing" and didn't send in the full amount. Be faithful in all that you. God is so faithful to us.

"Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prosperth." 3 John 1:2

With the love of God in Yeshua Jesus' Name!