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"Raising the Standard of the Commissioned"



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Pray for shalom in Yerushalayim; may those who love
you prosper. May shalom be within your ramparts,
prosperity in your places.

For the sake of my family and friends, I say,
"Shalom be within you!"
For the sake of the house of Adonai our God,
I will seek your well-being.  CJB  6-9

Pray without ceasing.

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I ask in Yeshua's Name, Our Messiah that you pray for protection, safety and peace concerning the US during  it's upcoming events. Spiritual dreams and visions given to the children of the Most High are warning us and prompting us to pray. Pray, pray and please pray again. 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Thank you!

Shabbat Shalom

Blessed Be The True Judge

Needing You

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People of the Most High God,

I just feel led to say that God loves you in spite of everything you may have done. He is God Our Father. Please turn your heart towards Him, invite him in. There is room there if you invite Him to come and dwell in your heart. Come on, in your current pain, despair, weaknesses, heartbreak ask Him to come because you tried EVERYTHING else and it hasn't given you any relief...

"Weeping endures for a night, but joy comes in the morning"... The bible says that we can "taste and see that the Lord he is good." God is inviting you to come and see, to perceive, to experience Him! Try Him, partake of Him.

Father, in the Name of Jesus -Yeshua

I come to you today realizing I need help because I know I am falling fast
and I can't grasp at the things that use to help me just cope. They're not
working now. I know that there is someone greater out there. I know people
speak of a higher power, but I need to know you, God. You, who has had my
life planned out from the beginning. I've heard this from others, but if can you
help me like I have heard you can, come help me now. I'm lost and I'm lonely..

I know now I am a sinner, separated from you. I can't save myself, but because of
your love for me John 3:16you sent your Son, your beloved and only begotten to
be a sacrifice for me by the shedding of His blood Matthew 26:28. I repent, I ask 
that you forgive me, the Son of God, Jesus for all the wrongs things I have done. 
Save me now, my heart is open only to you. By faith I welcome you into my heart.

Father in Jesus' name, please direct this person or these people to a house of worship that will welcome and nurture them in your Holiness and so they may learn of you and your precious Son, Jesus, Our Savior. I thank you now, knowing you have done a great work!