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I Beseech You Beloved

Posted on January 18, 2019 at 10:59 AM Comments comments (0)

Please read and study out Deuteronomy 16, Psalms 119. 

I want to express my sincere hope that you as children of the Most High God would follow the appointed Feasts of the Old Testament and the observance of Sabbath at their set/ appointed times (Genesis 1:14 TANAKH) in this 5779/2019 year. They are God appointed Feasts and time of rest. They are given to "keep us" near unto Him, lest we stray too far away. They are given to honor and obey Him and to walk in His ways.

Many of us are looking for quick "fixes" to the messes in our lives. We're seeking out the "new thing" God is doing to "market" to the people of God when its already been done for us! I beseech you in the Name of Yeshua, Jesus to seek out the old paths and follow, observe the biblical Feasts this year and try to keep the Sabbath on Friday evening to sundown Saturday as much of it as you can to those who aren't observant Jews. Keep His commandments. It will challenge and change you! I have gotten answers, directions and felt God's presence in a whole different way.  

Pray about it! Ask the Ruach Ha'kodesh -the Holy Spirit to lead, teach and guide you. It is His job to do so. He loves when you acknowledge Him, He is real you know! (He is better than your Google search.)

Draw near unto our Lord... seek and you will find... discover how deep your relationship with Yeshua can go. Jesus obeyed God's appointed times and kept the commandments. Look throughout the Gospels, its there! See, He is the sinless Lamb of God whose blood was shared for you ( Deuteronomy 18:15-19, Isaiah 53 and Gospel of Matthia. I'm speaking to a different audience).

How deep will you go?
The Old Testament still speaks volumes