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A Time to Fast

Posted on July 15, 2020 at 6:12 PM Comments comments (0)

After much studying, thinking and prayer two weeks ago, I wanted to know if I should fast on the Seventeen of Tammuz, The Fast of Shiva Asar B' Tammuz. I had a vision of a food tray like the kind used at a cafeteria with a napkin, plastic eating utensils, but no plate or cup or food. This fast required no food or drink! "Wow", I thought, "my answer can't get any clearer than that". So, after a brief wrestle with my mind (flesh started to act up), I knew it was required of me.

I found all the prayers, scripture readings and studied the history and learned many things. I found this daily thought also on Chabad 's Jewish Practice page which speaks volumes:

Freedom Out of Darkness

Free choice is the quintessential expression of G-d, for
He is alone is truly free. G-d breathes within the human
being, and so we too become free to choose our path. 

Darkness, confusion and the possibility of evil-all this 
then has a purpose of its own. It provides a stage for  
us to find G-d within ourselves, when we make the       
right choice, all on our own.

Maamar Bati Legani 5731

I read and studied the significance of the the date speaking to when the walls of Jerusalem were breached and the five calamities that befall the Jewish people:

Moses broke the two tablets of stone on Mt Sinai

Daily tamid offering ceased to be brought forth

During the Roman siege of Jerusalem, the city were
breached, leading to the destruction of the Second 
Temple on Tisha B'Av

Roman military leader Apostomus burned a Torah scroll

An idol was erected in the Temple

The following three weeks will be leading up to  Tish B' Av (The Ninth of Av,) another day of prayer and fasting. It is the culmination of the three week period of morning between 17th of  Tammuz ( July 9th) and Tisha B'Av July (sunset July 29 - 30 nightfall). These days have been historically days of misfortune. This will seem most overwhelming during this Coronavirus plague. It is normally a time of morning and I have seen calamities happen around the world and stay especially prayerful for all the nations.

I have to say that after the fast Abba spoke a blessing over me and my family that I wasn't expecting at all. I am still shocked and extremely grateful for His steadfast love. Obey G-d, even when you don't understand. 

Please read the Torah and follow His laws and commandments and words of wisdom. It will change you life and the lives of others. Obedience is better than sacrifice. Amein and are most helpful for me.