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Posted on February 21, 2018 at 5:44 PM

Hello People of the most High God!

Our God loves you. Why? You are His creature and His gift to you is His son Yeshua Jesus. 
His love can be felt even in the most overwhelming circumstances if you just keep still and reach out to Him for help.

I am remembering for some reason a time ago when I didn't want to be still or reach out to Him. Oh, I knew He was there but the pain I felt was so tremendous and couldn't and didn't want to make the effort to "push" past the pain and reach out to Him. I was angry, and probably angry with God. Angry with God, oh, no that can't be. Yep, I was.

I was angry because for the second time, a baby was no longer in my womb. Another miscarriage! Wait, I'm saved, I love Jesus, I help people, pray for people, etc. Really?

So, there I was questioning, crucifying myself, and walking around in this cloud. I was still ministering to people and praying, you know all the "good" Christian stuff you suppose to do, but slowly dying inside. No one noticed even the people who should have not even my spouse at that time. A family member even got mad because I didn't return her daughter's phone call, to see if I was alright. There would be no help from the conversation, so why bother. Now, I had to forgive them for being angry at me for not being there for them while I was just holding on. Help!  What? I hear a voice crying. Its my voice. But who can hear me? An alarm is ringing, Oh, it's time to get my daughter off to school. Wait, I've got to look in my purse for my "today's mask look" and smooth it on. OK, I'm readddy! This went "cloud"walk went on for some days.

Now, my minister cousin begins calling me. The first time I listen attentively, nodding in agreement with all the Pastoral things I learned from school, just like him. "Ok, yes, God is good and He is healing me". I knew the right things to say. I wasn't receiving it."Yes, OK goodbye"! I hear myself politely say. He calls back another day, just checking on me. This time with different words of "comm ffort" ... Now I am angry, not saying much of anything. When we ended this call I had a talk with God! I told God if he let my minister cousin call back again, I would let him have a good tongue lashing!!! God must of had a great big laugh on my comment because... he did call back.

Brring, Brring, I look to see the number on the caller id (do people still have that?) it was the minister cousin some days later. "Hey, cousin, I hear him say and now I begin to put my rock into my proverbial slingshot, my mouth. This time his words came to me like the fire atop Mount Sinai, strong, fearful and piercing the icy encasement around my heart. I hear the shattering,
feel braking, along with hot tears gushing from my face. I hear a scream so deep down in my being, it's scaring me even now. DELIVERANCE! People of God it was my deliverance! 

What a wonderful God we serve! Glory to God. I have two child now. God blessed me with another daughter she's a teenager. Hallelujah! He is the our very help in our time of trouble. God can handle your anger, but don't stay in that place. Please, repent and ask for help and He will. 

Need Prayer? Contact me [email protected] or Thank You!

*My minister cousin past last year. I miss him. Bless be him

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